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Old is New Again

A few years ago I started crocheting scarves using the Sashay yarn. These are mainly worn for fashion rather than function. I sold them locally for the most part, in Craft Shows, on Facebook Buy Sell Trade sites, shipping some across the country. As Sales eventually started to diminish, I made the decision to bag the remaining scarves and set them aside for another time. I moved on to designing and creating costume jewelry using beads and pendants. I added them with my scarves in local Craft Shows. That venture proved a successful one, again until Sales eventually diminished. I bagged all of the remaining pieces and placed aside for another time. My next crafty adventure became wreath

Scrap to Treasure

Are you one of those who takes pictures at Holidays and special occasions? My dear sweet Mom, God bless her soul, was a true shutterbug, through and through. She always had her camera with her. She never felt the need for perfect posed pictures. Some of the cutest pictures of me as a child had messy hair and or a dirty face. She captured the real us. She loved placing all of her treasures into photo albums, aka scrapbooks. Do you remember the ones where you used the little black photo corners? You would lick them like postage stamps and adhere them to the page, and tuck the corner of your picture in each of the four corners. After time, the albums changed to the magnetic pages. You

Cheek to Cheek

About a year ago I veered off of my normal day to day, stuck in a rut, same ole same ole routine and decided to research a more natural, holistic, healthy way of life. Yah right, right? Okay, so not that I have become an all in "right or die" health nut. I have been blessed by the grace of God to be pretty healthy for my age. Okay, disclaimer right here and now, the beauty to the left is not me. At least not in physical form. In my mind, absolutely!! I decided to change my eating habits, trying my very best to remove as many processed foods as possible. Come on now, I am human after all... I started a mild form of increased exercise, mild being the key word. I also researched, inve

Turkey or Ham?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in a few days? Where has this year gone? This time of the year is very special to me. I have such fond memories of my extended family getting together for Holidays and Birthdays. Cousins got to grow up being very close, always gathering at my Parents home. My dear Mother treasured nothing more than having her family around her. Family meant the world to her. Nothing would bring an ear to ear smile to her face quicker than family wrapped in her arms. She loved to give hugs and she gave them freely and as often possible. As generations grow and wings are spread, choices and situations have taken many to places far from home. My parents have been go

How to make a Sunflower Center

Have you always wanted one of those famous sunflower wreaths but just don't know where or how to begin to make one? Today is you lucky day. I am offering a free tutorial on how to make the center section using what I call the poof effect. How to make a Sunflower Center for a 12 inch wire frame In the video we will be creating the center for a flower wreath. You can use this style center for various styles of flowers, not just a Sunflower. It just happens to be the flower of choice for this video. Supplies needed one 5 inch styrofoam ball brown spray paint one sheet of plastic canvas one roll 5.5 inch brown burlap U shaped floral pins Hot glue Hot Glue Gun or Skillet Scissors Rotary Cut

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