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How to make a Sunflower Center

Have you always wanted one of those famous sunflower wreaths but just don't know where or how to begin to make one? Today is you lucky day. I am offering a free tutorial on how to make the center section using what I call the poof effect.

How to make a Sunflower Center for a 12 inch wire frame In the video we will be creating the center for a flower wreath. You can use this style center for various styles of flowers, not just a Sunflower. It just happens to be the flower of choice for this video.

Supplies needed

  • one 5 inch styrofoam ball

  • brown spray paint

  • one sheet of plastic canvas

  • one roll 5.5 inch brown burlap

  • U shaped floral pins

  • Hot glue

  • Hot Glue Gun or Skillet

  • Scissors

  • Rotary Cutter

  • Self Healing Cutting Mat

  • Marker

  • Wire Ties

  • 12 inch wire frame

Cut the ball in half using a sharp knife. Spray the Styrofoam ball brown. This prevents the white showing through . Cut the burlap into 5 inch strips using the rotary cutter and mat. Center the dried ball on the plastic canvas using the 12 inch frame to center the ball. Using a marker, draw a circle using the inner wire of the frame as a guide. Using the scissors, cut the circle out. Heat your glue, grab your U pins. Take each square of burlap and fold it opposite corner to opposite corner, meeting all four corners together by rolling the outer corners in to meet the two center corners gathered together. This creates the Poof. Place the Poof in position on the ball, place glue on the ends of the U pin, stick the pin through the corners of the burlap poof, securing the burlap to the ball. Continue all around the ball until it is completely covered with Poofs. Turn the ball over and place glue on the bottom of the ball. Center the plastic canvas and push tightly into the glue. Place the U pins, dipped in glue, around to secure the canvas to the ball. You are now ready to wire tie the plastic canvas to the center wire of the 12 inch frame.


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