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Do you Cricut?

I have been an avid crafter and scrapbooker for many years. I started as many of you likely did, using construction paper and scissors. As my interest and skill level grew I began to acquire products and tools rather quickly. I am one of those "go big or go home" types, lol. Disclaimer - this Blog post contains affiliate links that will pay me a stipend on any Sales. Every where I went I was on the lookout for bargains on stickers, embellishments, papers, etc. I purchased a Cricut Exlorer and my world changed! I could cut my own letters and embellishments in any color and size I needed! This was a real game changer for me. It took my pages to another level. After time I purchased an E

Do you love grapevine?

One of my favorite wreaths to make, and one of my best sellers, is the Dog Paw grapevine. I say dog paw, but it could just as easily be interpreted as a cat paw. These are quick, easy and fun to make. Here is my latest one. I actually took pics with two different signs to show how easily it could apply to both cats and dogs. I have also included my affiliate links for some of the items used in the creation of this wreath. I could possibly be paid a stipend if you use my link and make a purchase. Click on the images to see where you can purchase. Click on the images for my links to check out where you can purchase. One of my all time favorite mesh to use is the checked fabric mesh. I use

Is Gray the new Black?

I kid you not, I am obsessed with gray ribbon right now. I think it adds a unique touch to my wreaths. This is a Farmhouse wreath I made in black, white and gray. I added just a touch of blue to highlight the arrow. Isn't it just gorgeous? Click Photo to purchase. One of my all time favorite ribbons to use is the large dots. Deco Exchange has all colors of large dots in right now. Grab your favorite before they are gone. Picture contains my affiliate link for this gray favorite. If you follow this link and make a purchase, I might get paid a small stipend.

Camping or Glamping?

I used to love to go camping. The Company I worked at for nearly four decades sponsored an annual Family Summer Weekend at a favorite Indiana Amusement park. We would pack up the car with tents, coolers, everything we thought we would need for a weekend of fun, sun and shenanigans. The Kids loved it. They would bring friends along to share the joy and fun. Tent camping was it for us. Oh the memories of sleeping on the hard ground. If you were unlucky enough to get a rock under your spot, you just went with it the best you could. You might try a blow up beach thingy ma jig, but it always went flat before morning. One year we rented a motor home. I have to tell ya, that just wasn't the

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