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Camping or Glamping?

I used to love to go camping. The Company I worked at for nearly four decades sponsored an annual Family Summer Weekend at a favorite Indiana Amusement park. We would pack up the car with tents, coolers, everything we thought we would need for a weekend of fun, sun and shenanigans. The Kids loved it. They would bring friends along to share the joy and fun.

Tent camping was it for us. Oh the memories of sleeping on the hard ground. If you were unlucky enough to get a rock under your spot, you just went with it the best you could. You might try a blow up beach thingy ma jig, but it always went flat before morning.

One year we rented a motor home. I have to tell ya, that just wasn't the same. We were in a completely different area of the camp grounds than all of our friends. We felt like traitors or something. That just didn't cut it with us.

We did however start taking extension cords, coffee pots, electric grills, etc., and upgraded to spots with water and electric. No more completely primitive spots for us. We were moving on up!

Oh the fun we had and the memories we made.

Now it seems like it might be kind of fun to have a little tear drop camper to experience a little of the old fun. This old gal is NOT sleeping in a tent on the ground! Get real now, are you kidding me?

Check out my little burlap camping/glamping wreath that would be a perfect take along to accessorize your cute little camper.

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