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Tis the Season

November has come and gone. That means it is time to decorate for the Christmas Season. When do you start to decorate for Christmas? It seems that some are starting earlier each year. You can spot some reindeer and twinkling lights before the turkeys come a callin' anymore. Me, I like to wait until after Thanksgiving. Depending on the weather, I might even wait until December. That's what I did this year. The weather was the driving force behind that for me. Winter came early here in northern Indiana this year. Brrrrr….. I wasn't getting out in the frigid air to add some twinkle to my porch! No sireee! But as it happened, the temps climbed from the low thirties to the low fifties over night and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

I made myself a new wreath for my front door this year also. I usually don't do things for myself, but thought it was time.

Check out the short video of my garland I made and added to my porch.

While you are there, please Like and Follow my page. It would mean a lot to me. Be blessed!

Wishing a very Merry Christmas Season to you all!

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