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Need to ship a wreath?

Are you wanting to sell online but are afraid of how to ship? Let me tell you how easy it is. Are you doing a personal sale or selling through an Store such as Etsy, E-Bay, etc.? I sell online through Etsy, so my process is tailored to that.

Once your wreath is made, you now have the sizes. You will need a box that fits the wreath well without smashing it. You really do not want to deliver a smashed product to your Customer. Don't be that Seller! It might cost an extra dollar or two in postage, but make sure when your Customer opens the box, they see exactly what they saw in your pictures.

I purchase my boxes from Amazon. I normally purchase three sizes. 20206, 22226, 242410. I now added 222210 to my Inventory.

I print the Shipping Label and Packing Slip from Etsy. You will need some packing tape, and packing material. I use Bubble Wrap. You may or may not need to use anything, but I like to make sure any fragile items are securely wrapped. I also add a Business Card in the box as well.

I securely attach the wreath frame to the bottom of the box so it does not move around during shipping and get damaged. I use an Awl to poke holes in the bottom of the box in the location of the frame. I use pipe cleaners threaded through the holes and tied around the frame to securely attach the wreath to the box.

I put the wreath into the box and weigh it before I purchase and print the Shipping label from Etsy. This gives me a more accurate weight of the package. I just use a Kitchen food scale. It works great for me.

I have attached below some Affiliate links to the products I use for shipping. If you follow a link and make a purchase, I might be paid a small stipend. - Awl to poke holes - Pipe Cleaners

I have also included a brief video showing the process of boxing up a wreath to ship. I hope this helps ease your concerns little with shipping.

To watch a short Video, click image below.

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