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Do you Cricut?

I have been an avid crafter and scrapbooker for many years. I started as many of you likely did, using construction paper and scissors. As my interest and skill level grew I began to acquire products and tools rather quickly. I am one of those "go big or go home" types, lol.

Disclaimer - this Blog post contains affiliate links that will pay me a stipend on any Sales.

Every where I went I was on the lookout for bargains on stickers, embellishments, papers, etc. I purchased a Cricut Exlorer and my world changed! I could cut my own letters and embellishments in any color and size I needed! This was a real game changer for me. It took my pages to another level.

After time I purchased an Expression because it was wider and I could make larger things up to 12 inches. This is the one I carry with me to day crops and weekend retreats. These machines were, and still are, extremely easy to use and fun to play with.

And speaking of Crops and such, did you know that Cricut has these gorgeous leather storage/carry cases for your cartridges? Amazing find on my part! I don't have to carry the boxes with me.

When the Explore Air came out I jumped right on it and grabbed one. I joined Design Space as well. This upped my game even more. I could design my own elements online using digital files available for free and for sale. No more having to purchase and use cartridges. You could still use your cartridges though. No worries there. Now I could create my own svg files or obtain them from the hoards of other designers around the globe and use for my designs. Amazing!

I have three different Cricut machines and use all three of them. What do you have? I would highly recommend picking up an older model if you run across one for cheap and giving it a whirl. Or you can jump right into the latest models, which I have not yet done, and have a blast.

You can clearly see how my level of scrapbooking changed over time. The use of tools such as Cricut amongst many others truly helped that transition.

I can use my Cricut to make templates so I can paint on items such as signs. I can cut vinyl for projects.

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