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I decided to make a faux lavender wreath in hopes of selling it at the Craft Show that I was doing at Aroma Acres, which is a local lavender Farm

I always do a Facebook Live Video after Set-Up is complete to show what I have that day. I show cased this lavender wreath in my video. A friend in South Carolina saw it and had to have one. She owns and runs a Lavendar Farm in Aiken, SC. I shipped her the one I made since it did not sell at that Show. She posted a picture of it hanging on her door saying how much she loves it. That started a stream of requests for Custom Orders for many more.

It has been a very popular seller for me this year. I adapted the design to allow it to fit between doors because a Customer ordered one and she has a storm door. I have been running all over two states trying to find the lavender lately. You just never know when you will create a really popular one, do you?


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