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Old is New Again

A few years ago I started crocheting scarves using the Sashay yarn. These are mainly worn for fashion rather than function. I sold them locally for the most part, in Craft Shows, on Facebook Buy Sell Trade sites, shipping some across the country. As Sales eventually started to diminish, I made the decision to bag the remaining scarves and set them aside for another time.

I moved on to designing and creating costume jewelry using beads and pendants. I added them with my scarves in local Craft Shows. That venture proved a successful one, again until Sales eventually diminished. I bagged all of the remaining pieces and placed aside for another time.

My next crafty adventure became wreath making. I made a floral grapevine wreath with my initial on it for my own front door. Requests from friends and family soon began to pour in. That is how this adventure began. I sold them along with my scarves and jewelry locally in Craft Shows and again on the Buy sites. I stopped selling the scarves and jewelry altogether and placed all remaining inventory in storage. My main focus has been wreaths and other seasonal décor.

For Black Friday this year I decided to bring the inventory of scarves and jewelry out of storage for additional Gift items. We shall see how that decision pans out. Old is now new again.......

Don't you deserve something that is elegantly handcrafted? Of course you do. A Fashion scarf or a set of Costume jewelry that brings out the sparkle in your eye, makes you feel like a princess while you become the envy of the crowd. How about decorating on any budget so when you walk into your home you have a feeling of tranquility and peace?

In loving memory of my dear sweet Mom as she celebrates her Birthday today in Heaven. I love and miss you Mom!

All of my current Items can be found in my Shop.

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