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Turkey or Ham?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in a few days? Where has this year gone? This time of the year is very special to me. I have such fond memories of my extended family getting together for Holidays and Birthdays. Cousins got to grow up being very close, always gathering at my Parents home. My dear Mother treasured nothing more than having her family around her. Family meant the world to her. Nothing would bring an ear to ear smile to her face quicker than family wrapped in her arms. She loved to give hugs and she gave them freely and as often possible. As generations grow and wings are spread, choices and situations have taken many to places far from home.

My parents have been gone for several years now. They are always drawn closer to my heart during the Holidays. We try to carry on the tradition of getting together in my immediate family. We are scattered, as is the extended family, so we don't have the option of all gathering together anymore. I am a huge proponent of tradition. I believe it is important and necessary to keep the ties between family members strong. It is the glue that holds families close.

We are doing something different this year. My oldest granddaughter has offered to Host Thanksgiving at her house this year. What? How did that happen? Hey, it is only fair, right? The younger generations do need to step up and take the reins at some point. I took the reins from my Mom, my daughter took them from me, and now my granddaughter has thrown her hat into the ring. Hey, when did I become the older generation? Hmm...

Okay, enough of my bleeding heart and on to the important question. Turkey or Ham? I know, right? Why even consider anything except turkey for Thanksgiving. After all, it's tradition, right? I am a traditionalist, remember?What does your family choose? Maybe both, maybe neither? Maybe just Pizza and Beer while watching the game, right?

No matter what you are eating, and no matter who you are spending your day with, may your hearts be full of love and thankfulness for all of the blessings that our Lord gives us each and every day. No matter what goes on in or daily lives, someone, somewhere always has it worse. Maybe we can all share a little prayer for those less fortunate than us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and did I mention, we are having Ham? Say What?

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