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Cheek to Cheek

About a year ago I veered off of my normal day to day, stuck in a rut, same ole same ole routine and decided to research a more natural, holistic, healthy way of life. Yah right, right? Okay, so not that I have become an all in "right or die" health nut. I have been blessed by the grace of God to be pretty healthy for my age. Okay, disclaimer right here and now, the beauty to the left is not me. At least not in physical form. In my mind, absolutely!!

I decided to change my eating habits, trying my very best to remove as many processed foods as possible. Come on now, I am human after all... I started a mild form of increased exercise, mild being the key word. I also researched, investigated, checked out Essential Oils. Boy did that open a can of ..... with my family. They are nearly ready to commit me at times, I think.

In my mind, and you have to remember that I may or may not always appear to have it with me, removing harmful chemicals, additives, poisons, on and on, can only help. This is the one and only body I get in this life and what better time than now to start to try to be better to it?

There are lots of companies out there that offer Essential Oils. I chose to go with Young Living. Over time I have switched a lot of processed products that I believe to be harmful to my best being with those that I now make myself using all natural ingredients. I now make my own blends of oils to aid as a natural source for things such as headaches, aches and pains, and also make my own deodorant, wrinkle cream and make ups, to name a few.

For years I used Bare Minerals for my powder and blush. This is where the Cheek to Cheek comes in, finally, right? Now, I make my own natural foundation powders and Blush. It takes some experimenting with the recipes to find a hue that is right for you.

Amongst the many new rituals I now use Essential Oils for a variety of home and health options. Did you know that Frankincense is a natural wrinkle reducer? Hmm.... Aren't wrinkles for Old People?

I think I will put together a little book of all of the recipes that I use. More to come folks.....

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