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Take a Deep Breath - Just Do It Already!

Here it is, December 1st, and I am just now thinking about decorating for Christmas. Every where I look I see twinkling lights, big over sized blow up characters, and lots of garland and big red bows. Oh, woe is me, I am late to the party. Every year I try to do a different color scheme and theme. I believe that is where I am stuck this year.

Last year I purchased one of those thin pencil trees from the Hallmark Store. I love the primitive bare look. It was not well received last year with my family. I rationalized and based my decision on the fact that I no longer have room for a full sized tree. The two prior years I did a small table top tree that was my Moms, and I was ready for something totally different last year than I had done before.

I love it and I am using it again this year. I decided to try to make my own tree topper this year. I picked up a tinsel covered Top Hat and some floral picks and decorations. I am attempting to make a huge tree topper Bow to add to it as well. I don't know. I chose a selection of bright colored ribbons. My problem is that I don't have any decorations to go with that color scheme. I am a traditional style kind of Gal. Reds, Golds, Whites, etc. So the tree is sitting here with just that topper on it, with long ribbon tails flowing down the tree.

My main concern is that with the tree being such a thin, sparse style, how do I make it work with the ribbon tails and a huge over sized topper? Yes, no, maybe, start over with traditional ribbon? Okay, just take a deep breath and continue.

As I look at all of the gorgeous over the top pictures of trees and decorations all over Facebook, I find myself wanting to try something over the top myself. My dilemma is I do not have the disposable funds to just sink into a lot of extravagant Christmas decorations. The Inventory I do have on hand goes into my products I make for Sale.

Today I did dig the garland out of storage to string on my new front porch. I am so in love with the porch my kids built for me for Mothers Day. I have been waiting for Christmas Season all year. I strung some new white lights around the garland, and dug a few other pieces out of storage. That's as far as I got today. I need to add Bows, run an extension cord so I can plug everything in, add some more pieces and decorate some more. Don't judge. It is a start!

Just take a deep breath and just do it already.........

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