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How to make a Sunflower Center

Have you wondered how to make the centers of the Sunflower wreaths? In this video I will demonstrate how to do a burlap bubble method.

Materials needed are:

1 roll 5.5 inch brown burlap

1/2 6 inch Styrofoam ball

Sharp Knife ( I used a bread knife)

Brown spray paint (optional)

pack of floral U pins

1 piece plastic canvas

Rotary Cutter

Self Healing Mat

Pair of sharp scissors

Hot glue

Glue Gun

Cut a 6 inch Styrofoam ball in half

Spray paint the half ball brown (optional)

Cut the burlap into 5.5 inch squares

Fold each burlap square opposite corner to opposite corner, making a balloon like shape

Using a U pin with glue on the tips, secure each bubble to the foam ball.

Continue placing the burlap bubbles until the ball is covered.

Cut the plastic canvas into a circle the size of the inner ring of the wire frame.

Cover the bottom of the ball with hot glue. Center the ball on the plastic canvas circle. Secure with U pins dipped in glue.

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