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'Tis the Season (for Craft Shows)

I am not sure what I was thinking when I decided to do a Craft Show this year. I used to do them years ago. Trust me when I say they are a lot of work, very time consuming and exhausting.

Selling on Etsy and being as creative as I am, I have an over abundance of Inventory. Doing Craft Shows seemed like one opportunity to reduce some of the surplus. I worked hard for days getting ready. What could I use to display my wreaths? I researched several options and decided to go with the Rubbermaid white shelving units. I ended up purchasing enough 12 inch by six foot shelves to wire tie together into three 24 inch by 6 foot towers. I purchased S Hooks for connectors. These worked out fantastic! I also used the trifold peg board I had in storage from previous Shows, plus all of my metal stands and tri-pods, lol. Bottom line is I too a lot of "stuff" with me. Way too much for as small a Show as this turned out to be. Lesson learned. I took 56 wreaths and sold four. I was okay with that. I got the money back for the Show, the money back for all of the shelves I purchased, and still made a profit.

Lesson learned, don't take so much next time! Man am I exhausted!

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