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Let it Snow (Not)

Well, we have officially received the first heavy snow of the season. It has spitted some flakes before, but this time is out and out call the plow guy where is the snow shovel, type of snow. I think we ended up with around 4-6 inches.

It has snowed all over the country in places that rarely, if ever, get snow. You see pictures all over Facebook of kids all over the place getting to play in the snow, build a snowman, do a snow angel, all that cute stuff that we in my neck of the woods take for granted.

It was actual blizzard like conditions on Saturday with white outs, vehicles sliding off the roadways, and out right stay at home weather. I had a meet scheduled with a local patron for a wreath sale on Saturday. A couple hours before our schedule time I decided to just reach out to her to make sure we were still on for meeting. I must admit that the entire time I was silently praying that she didn't want to go out in this nightmare any more than I did. She didn't, yea, thank you Lord. We agreed to meet on Sunday. All was right with my world again.

The older I get the less I like winter. I am from Indiana, have lived here my whole life. Winter is natural and expected here. I could easily be a bear and just hibernate for the entire winter and be just fine with it. Life, however, makes me deal with it. I drug myself out to meet my buyer on Sunday. We actually agreed to meet two blocks from where I live. I normally meet at the local Walmart for safety reasons. That is about a ten mile drive for me. I asked her on Saturday when we were discussing the blizzard which direction she lived from town, as we could possibly meet somewhere closer. She suggested meeting in the small town that I live in, which made me very happy. It was a lot closer for her as well. What a blessing. I only had to travel two blocks to the Church rather than tem miles into Walmart. The roads were actually clear by then.

So, since I basically decided to just hibernate for the day, I got busy and made two wreaths, one for Cat lovers and another for Dog lovers. Both are now available in my Etsy Shop. Have a great day, and if you have a chance, build a snowman!

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